Actors Studio INFIDELITY ,in Pieces at Greenway Court Theatre

In 1947 the Actors Studio was created  in New York’s  theater district and in 1967 Shelley Winters opened the Actors Studio West in Hollywood. Theatre was the deepest desire of every actor to perform in front of a live audience. Some of the greatest actors and directors walked through those doors. To name a few Marlon Brando,Elia Kazan James Dean , Sydney Pollack, Mark Rydell ,Martin Landau ,Al Pacino, Paul Newman, Rod Steiger ,Dustin Hoffman, Robert Duval,Estelle Parsons, Jessica Lange, Shelley Winters ,Marilyn Monroe, Ellen Burstyn, Doris Roberts Barbara Bain, Robert DeNiro and many more.

In Hollywood ,there is an Actors Studio Playwright /Directors Unit which meets every Monday night at the Greenway Court theatre and new plays are read and cast mostly from the Actors Studio members. You can feel the passion when you enter the theater.

Last year they started a short play series which ran from Thursday – Sunday and this year the theme   is INFIDELITY in PIECES. I had wanted to go the opening this past Thursday but there are 3 film festivals happening which were a conflict. So tonight June 13 instead of watching the Tony awards on TV, I finally made it to the Greenway Court Theatre to a packed theater and saw my friends because I am also an Actors Studio member. We share so many memories from here and New York and are family.

The plays I saw were as follows:

“Take a Look” ,written by Dustin Lehren ,directed by Assad Kelada with actors Lane Compton and Kate Whitney.

“Of Puppies and Men”, written by Elisa Manzini, directed by Carmen Milito with actors Gina Ferranti and Raymond Cole

“Dinner Theatre”, written by Alex Goldberg, directed by Mitch Levine with actors Christopher Louis Parker and Patrick Quinlan and Dey Young.

“Locked and Loaded”, written by Gena Acosta, directed by Peter Flood with actors Jason Bowe and George Russo.

“Warren and the Polar Bear”, written by Jim Geoghan, directed by Stu Berg with Marc Cervania and Tom Badal

The talent presented by all involved was a joy and overwhelming and reminded me why as actors we all entered this business. It is not about being a movie star but doing something you love in front of a live audience and getting the praise immediately. I wish that we could have an encore of this past weekend and if I can make it happen I will, but we have more plays happening next weekend and please do yourself a big favor and attend. You will never be disappointed.

Greenway Court Theatre,544 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Full price ticket is $25.00 each

Full time Student with ID is $15.00 

Why Bryan Singer is a special director/friend

Every 20 years I am cast in a film which remains at the top of the most favorite watched films worldwide by audiences. In 1971, it was The Godfather in a minor role as an usher.

In the early 1990’s I was very involved in producing evenings with IFP West now known as Film Independent, with directors Robert Altman, Stephen Frears and many other filmmakers. I ran their screening program and I met Bryan Singer at the screening of his first feature, Public Access, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 1993. I tried to find a distributor for his film and suggested an agent ,Larry Becsey , to represent him at The Agency and Victoria Wisdom was his agent.
One night when I was producing an evening at the Santa Monica Laemmle theater with director Pedro Almodovar which has Quentin Tarantino moderating, Kenneth Kokin who was a friend of Bryan Singer and his producer wanted to get into the event and as I was escorting him in ,he mentioned to me that Bryan Singer was directing a new film, The Usual Suspects and there was probably a role in it for me. So I called my agent buddy, Larry Becsey and he sent me a copy of the script. I was so intrigued by the script that I had to read it twice to see what I missed in my first reading. Then Bryan and I chatted on the phone and we shared stories about other movies and he set up an audition with the casting director Francine Maisler. After I did the audition for the part of Daniel Metzheiser ,the casting director asked Bryan and the writer Christopher McQuarrie if they wanted me to do it again but Bryan said no because I had the part.
Over the years, Bryan and I had been in touch and he also cast me in a Diet Coke commercial with Salma Hayek.
When Bryan contributed millions to the USC film program, and there was a screening of The Usual Suspects ,he would be there and share his stories.
In 1993 when I was directing a play in Leicester Square theater in London he invited me to the set of Jack the Giant Slyer shared the difficulties in shooting the film because of the location.
A few months ago ,at the San Pedro Film Festivals they had a 20th anniversary of The Usual Suspects which was filmed in San Pedro and Bryan shared more stories and discussed his new film ,X-Men :The Apocalypse ,praising the actors. The most touching part of the evening for me is when I was standing outside the theater and Bryan sees me and walks over to me and hugs me and says thanks for coming to support me. Imagine how I felt when this happened . After twenty years the relationship never changed and shows you how a friend who  becomes a huge star director is still the same as when you first met.Bryan Singer ,Carl and Ron

 Ron Gilbert,Bryan Singer, and Carl Bressler

Film Festivals in Hollywood

Hollywood in June was jammed with three film festivals  Hollywood. The 10th LA Greek Festival at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood made you feel like you are in Greece and the films were very personal, and the stories were heartfelt.

Then in June, the  LA Film Festival arrived at the Arclight in Hollywood with the feature Lowriders and many other films with recognizable names and the premiere of Conjuring 2 which is the film to see.Many panels and receptions were available for the audience and if you were a member of Film Independent you received a discount.

The most independent film festival, Dances with Films celebrated the 19th anniversary  in Hollywood close to the footprints and handprints of the stars at the TLC Chinese theater with the most world premieres and the ambiance was joyful like going to a high school reunion. Everyone was smiling and seeing old friends and the red carpet is the longest one. Filmmaker panels and one about distribution was the most important.

The  7th New Media Film Festival slipped in right after the LA Greek film festival closed at the Landmark Theater in Westwood and also have very indie films along with panels and a shorts program.

The next step and the most important issue for filmmakers are finding a distributor for your film.